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What We Do

Embodying the ethos of our name, ‘Redivivus’—reborn—our studio stands at the intersection of art's past and future. We provide technical art research and conservation - restoration services at the highest standard for private collectors, gallerists, art insurers, and public institutions in the Netherlands and world-wide. 

Redivivus cares for artworks at every stage from before acquisition, during loan or travel, after accidental damage, and with preventive measures for the future.

With over 30 years of experience our studio consistently works on a complete range of artistic periods. We use the most advanced technologies available to our profession and are widely regarded as experts in technical imaging and material analysis.

We are authorized to receive artworks into the studio under Freeport location status.


Who we work with...

Collectors and Private Owners

Whatever the scale of your collection we can help you in a variety of ways including monitoring its environment, cyclical maintenance and cleaning, condition reports before or after sale or loan, insurance claims, restoration of artworks, and technical investigations to support authentication or connoisseurial opinion.

Art Dealers & Galleries

We frequently work with art dealers and gallerists to ensure artworks are brought to their optimal conditions. Our technical imaging and analysis can help you to present artworks in a new light that gives material evidence to support connoisseurial opinions.

Art Insurers

Redivivus is highly experienced in the practical aspects of conservation and navigating intricate paperwork such as insurance claims. Rest assured that we work closely with loss adjusters and several industry affiliates to ensure that our clients have a pleasant experience.

Museums & Institutions

We take great pride in our collaboration with leading national and international institutions. Whether you are a private or public museum we are always ready to adapt and work within available budgets whether treating artworks, advising on preventative conservation measures, or assisting with the installation of difficult artworks.

Wolga 16
2491 BJ Den Haag

+31 (0)70 514 1023
+31 (0)6 3064 8933

Available by Appointment:
Mon - Fri 8:30 - 5:30

Sat - Sun Closed

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