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Our restoration process is aimed at bringing your artwork to its best condition with a  minimal, safe, and reversible intervention. 


Redivivus is trusted by museums, galleries, auction houses and collectors worldwide with the conservation of work by many of the finest artists in history — from from Rubens and Rothko to Monet and Gauguin, Picasso, Van Dongen, Miró and Metsu, Ruisdael and Richter, Dali and Van Dyck , Whistler and Warhol.


Our Process

Examination and Estimate


 Report and Pick Up

Our process begins by examining your artwork in person. This can be done in our studio, or in certain cases by examination on location. We document the artwork's current condition and propose the treatments and handling that are necessary to bring the artwork to its top condition. After you agree to the proposal, work on the artwork begins.

Small tests will be made to confirm that the proposed methods give good results, then the artwork will be restored. During this time we make high resolution photographs of each stage to document the original materials of the artwork and our process. Clients are always welcome to visit or ask for updates during this process.

With the artwork fully restored it is ready to be picked up and displayed. You will receive a Treatment Report which documents the restoration process including materials, description, and photographs. 

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