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At Redivivus, our comprehensive services include art historical and art technical research; art historical research examines the cultural, social, and political contexts in which the artist worked, and technical research focuses on the interpretation of material analysis and imaging techniques.


Combining both of these methods allows us to offer an unparalleled understanding of the artwork that can reveal new discoveries and interpretations. Redivivus has played a role in internationally important discoveries concerning paintings by Anthony van Dyck, Gesina ter Borch, Fernand Léger, and Kees van Dongen amongst many others.

Our research reports fully document the material  of the artwork and interpret its significance within the historical context of that artist. This summary can be used by curators, academics, and experts to support attributions and authentication. 


Our conservators are committed to communicating their knowledge and expertise, while remaining conscientious of the need for discretion. We strive to further the conservation profession through lecture programs, workshops, and publications on an international level. 

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Kasmir Malevich


Gesina ter Borch


Frans & Willem van Mieris


Fernand Léger


Swabian Portrait c. 1432

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