To carry out an in-depth restoration, art-historical and technical research is essential. Redivivus has in house art-historical expertise. For far-reaching scientific or technical research, we cooperate with renowned experts within our network, who work for specialized institutions such as the Netherlands Institute for Art History (RKD), and The Netherlands Institute for Cultural Heritage (RCE).


Outlined below are some of the techniques we use:

Art-historical research

This is carried out in order to establish the origins of a work or to help dating it. This can prove very fruitfull especially in combination with technical analysis. We frequently work with renowned art historians, the RKD and carry out our own research.

UV-Radiation Photography

Although a simple technique, ultraviolet radiation can reveal important details about a painting such as previous restorations, different techniques appplied by the artist, and pigment identification and use. 

Infrared photography

By means of this method, underdrawings beneath the paint surface can be revealed. Infrared is also useful in detecting alterations made by the artist.


This method is useful for issues concerning canvas or panel support structures as well as for revealing compositional changes, and underlying paint layers.


Pigment and Medium Analysis

Pigments can be determined through invasive as well as noninvasive analytical techniques which can have significant implications for the condition of an artwork. For solving various conservation issues medium analysis can also be very useful. 

Stratigraphic analysis

Hirox microscopy, crossection analysis, as well as MA-XRF provide important methods to assess complex paint layers, overpainted areas or details of the techniques and material choices artists make.

RESEARCH and technical analysis

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