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Studio Redivivus tutors students and graduates of major conservation institutes in the Netherlands and from all over the world. Usually, there are one to two interns present at the studio. Through work and practice, interns gain greater proficiency and hands-on experience in the areas of examination, treatment, and analysis. For applications, see the information below. 

Redivivus is also a space for workshops and master classes for conservators. In the year 2022, the workshop Observing Cleaning on Paintings - The Modular Cleaning Program was held by The Dividi Foundation and Chris Stavroudis, conservator of paintings from Los Angles.

Dividi Foundation Chris Stravoudis Modular Cleaning Program Workshop
Dividi Foundation Modular Cleaning Program

Workshop with Chris Stavroudis and The Dividi Foundation at Studio Redivivus

Paint Restoration Internship

Internship Applications


As an intern, you will learn from our conservators and assist them whilst working on Old Masters, Modern and Contemporary paintings. Further work may include assessments, documentation, and research. 

Applicants should be completing a Masters' degree in Conservation and Restoration of paintings, possess competent English language skills and be willing to move to The Hague for a minimum of three months. 

If you are interested we would like to receive the following documents in your application letter:

  • A short statement of interest

  • CV - including references

  • Portfolio

Please send an email to with the header "Application Internship" and address this to Kimberly Frost and Gwendolyn Boevé-Jones. 

Acceptance is ongoing and competitive.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Former intern Raphael Capaul

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