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Meet The Team


©Patricia Steur

Gwendolyn Boevé-Jones

Director, Senior Conservator

Gwendolyn Boevé-Jones is the founder and director of Studio Redivivus. She received her Master’s degree in Art History and her degree for the Conservation of Easel Paintings from the Institute of Fine Arts of the New York University, in 1991. The following year, she was awarded a post-graduate Samuel Kress fellowship to further her training at the Van Gogh Museum and the Kröller-Müller Museum in the Netherlands. Later, Gwendolyn went on to work for the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, Netherlands with several long term projects. Since 1995, she has been working as an independent painting conservator for museums and private collectors. In addition, Gwendolyn regularly has interns from the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands and other European and International institutions. She also lectures and participates in international conferences on issues concerning conservation, restoration and technical investigation of 20th-century paintings.

Professional CV

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©Patricia Steur

Michelle Vergeer

Junior Conservator

Michelle Vergeer graduated in 2015 from the University of Amsterdam's Master in Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage with a specialisation in Easel Paintings and Painted Objects. Her Master's degree allowed her to continue in the two year post-graduate track leading to a professional doctorate in painting conservation. During and after her studies Michelle interned at the Frans Hals Museum in Haarlem, the Museo Nacional del Prado in Madrid and the Statens Museum for Kunst in Copenhagen. She also worked as a freelancer for both private and museum clients.

In 2019 she joined the team at Redivivus and has been enjoying the variety of artworks that have passed the studio ever since.

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©Patricia Steur

Mariana Escamilla Martínez

Junior Conservator

Mariana Escamilla Martínez graduated in 2019 with a Master in Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage from the Cologne Institute of Conservation Sciences, where she also obtained a BA in Conservation of Cultural Heritage with a specialization in Easel Paintings, Polychrome Objects and Modern Art. For her final thesis, Mariana tested organic green solvents for their use on oil-based paintings. She has carried out international internships at Brakebusch Restaurierungswerkstatt, Kiffy Stainer-Hutchins & Co., Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum and Studio Redivivus. Mariana is a member of the Communications Team of the International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (IIC). She is particularly interested in the research of alternative materials, and tear mending procedures.

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©Patricia Steur

Katharina Hoeyng

Associate Conservator

Katharina Hoeyng graduated in 2011 with a master's degree in paintings conservation from the University of Fine Arts, Dresden. Katharina is specialized in the conservation of contemporary paintings and painted plastics. She currently works as a freelance conservator of modern and contemporary art in Amsterdam and Düsseldorf. Prior to that, Katharina joined the Getty Conservation Institute as part of the Preservation of Plastics project, researching treatment methods for delaminating paint to the plastic substrate used in animation cels.

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©Patricia Steur

Kimberly Frost

Junior Conservator

Kimberly Frost received a BA in Art History from Wellesley College. She then earned an interdisciplinary Masters in Technical Art History from the University of Glasgow, Scotland. Following her interest in easel paintings, Kimberly graduated in 2019 with a Masters in Art History and Conservation of Paintings from the Institute of Fine Arts at New York University. During her studies Kimberly held internships at the Art Institute of Chicago, the Museo Nacional del Prado in Madrid, and Studio Redivivus. Her thesis examined the painting process and working methods of the Flemish painter Jacob Jordaens.

She is particularly interested in the research, analysis, and understanding of artists’ materials and techniques. 

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©Patricia Steur

Masayuki Hinoue

Associate Conservator

Masa earned a Masters in Art History at Kansai University and gained his postgraduate degree in conservation at the Stichting Restauratie Atelier Limburg, Netherlands. He currently works as a freelance conservator of easel paintings in Antwerp and South Holland.

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