We offer the following services related to preventive conservation:

∙ Environmental monitoring to ensure appropriate conditions; 

  temperature, relative humidity, air quality, and light.

∙ Integrated pest management in case of a woodworm infestation.

∙ Implementing handling and maintenance procedures for storage,         exhibition, packing, and  transport of works of art.

∙ Disaster preparedness for a collection.

∙ Collection protection for special events and activities.

∙ Assessing loan venues and assisting regional galleries with                 preventive conservation. 

The permanence of materials is substantially determined by environmental factors such as temperature, air humidity and light. Preventive conservation is the process of determining those environmental factors that can lead to deterioration of works of art, then implementing improvements that can mitigate and in many cases prevent future damage.

Preventive conservation does not always ask for expensive or complex care strategies. For many private collectors or institutions, much can be improved by making even small adjustments or treatments.

For example, an improperly framed painting can result in abrasion of the paint surface. Transporting paintings without appropriate preparation and crating, very often leads to damages caused by, for example, impact.

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