A comprehensive knowledge of the traditional techniques and materials of the Old Masters is very important to grasp the aging of paintings; not only their physical chemistry, but also understanding the intended look of a given artwork  is crucial to the decision making process involved in their restoration. Much of our work on Old Masters and Impressionists entails removal of previous restorations that are not functioning optimally or that are aesthetically inadequate. In devising a treatment proposal, we carry out a technical investigation, as required, and compare the artwork with other paintings by the artist and his or her contemporaries.  With 30 years of experience and the broad knowledge base of our international team, we can undertake work on a wide range of paintings on different supports, such as canvas, panel of copper plate.


In all the important decisions such as removal of old retouchings or reconstruction of large areas of paint loss, we seek a dialogue with art historians and conservation scientists to come to the most informed decision. Our client is then presented with this information and a decision is made.  In addition to work on the painting, we provide our clients with conservation framing solutions and hanging systems. Micro-climate vitrines can be constructed for fragile works or paintings going on loan to exhibitions.

Redivivus has profound experience in the treatment of Old Master and Impressionsist artists such as:

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