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Art Storage Facility
Art Restoration Studio

Studio Redivivus

Covering over 300 m2, our studio is equipped for large-scale projects as well as single artworks. The space is located in the building of art handling company Hizkia van Kralingen.

The facilities are made for art collections care with controlled environmental conditions and security of the highest level. We offer project management services relating to international loans, expert advice on the management and maintenance of your collection.

Art Transport Truck
Studio redivivus

Wolga 16
2491 BJ Den Haag
The Netherlands


Opening times:

Mon-Fri 9:00 - 17:30 hrs


+31 (0)70 514 10 23

+31 (0)630 648 933


Studio Redivivus is available to complete examinations and treatments on location in museums, storage locations, and private residences. 

Contact us for further information at

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