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Why Veloxy® at Redivivus

Redivivus used the Veloxy System. Contrary to other methods of pest elimination (such as biocide injections, warm air eradication systems, or freezing)  the Veloxy® system exterminates pests without catalyzing degradation, denaturing proteins, or affecting the organic structures of an artwork’s matrix - thereby killing pests without risking damage to the artwork.


Veloxy® offers the most environmentally-benign eradication system on the market, and is known to be completely harmless to user, environment, and object while being highly effective against pests.


The Veloxy® system can eliminate various types of pests, such as woodworm, moth, beetles, termites and/or mites, and silverfish.

Pests in Cultural Heritage

The understanding of the microbial- or pest-related deterioration of artworks has increased in the last decades. When left untreated, artworks can suffer structural and aesthetic damage.

Pests can infect any type of organic material, such as:


  • wooden strainers and stretchers

  • panel supports

  • picture frames

  • books and paper

  • leather

To guarantee the safety of the artwork, it is important to secure a prompt diagnosis, then take the necessary steps towards pest eradication.

Veloxy Anoxic Treatment Equiptment

How Veloxy® Works

The objects are placed into air-tight, custom-made containers where oxygen is replaced with atmospheric nitrogen. The pests are eradicated by keeping a  constant oxygen level of >0.02% for at least 23 days.


The system also controls relative humidity and temperature levels within the sealed container. By combining these variables, a lethal atmosphere is created to ensure the complete extermination of pests at every developmental stage (egg, larvae, chrysalis, adult).

After completion of the treatment, objects are fully dusted and cleaned to remove traces of the pests. 

Paintings and Frame Mold Removal
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