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No work of art should leave a collection without an examination report. Our expert condition reports objectively document the current state of the artwork and can provide a key component during travel, loan, insurance, purchase, or sale.

The Redivivus team is available to document the condition of paintings both in our studio and on location. Our team can examine works at auction prior to and during the sale season, at art fairs, and for private sales. Works can also be examined in art warehouses or residences in the Netherlands or abroad.

Our digital condition reporting system allows us to document all details of the artwork, ensuring that any change will be easily noted. The final PDF document allows a much easier and quicker exchange of information while keeping full control of confidentiality.

To schedule an examination contact us at

Condition Report On Location

Condition examination on location

Digital Condition Examination UV Light

Essential tools for examination and documentation

Condition Mapping Documentation

Example report with condition diagram

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