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Our staff has years of experience helping institutions and collections of all sizes. We can assist in all stages from beginning your first steps towards a collection care program to large institutional or collection-specific initiatives. We offer you a broad spectrum of conservation activity, such as condition surveys, rehousing, framing advice, treatment, and preventive measures.

An effective collections care plan starts with a series of steps that build upon one another over the course of time. Usually, the first step in developing a collections care plan is an overall assessment. This evaluates and addresses policies and procedures concerning the collection's viewing and storage environments, travel and loan of artworks, and security or emergency concerns. 

The initial evaluation should be followed by a conservation survey of the whole collection. During the survey, we will visit the museum or collection to examine the artworks and gather information. Condition reports, treatment proposals, and estimates can be provided for key objects or the entire collection.

The final product is a written report accompanied by short, intermediate, and long term recommendations for the care and preservation of the collection. Click on Preventive Conservation to see more about our recommendations for long term care.

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