Our staff has years of experience in helping institutions of all sizes, from small museums putting in place their first collections care program to large institutions launching collection-specific initiatives that entail a broad spectrum of conservation activity, such as surveys, rehousing, research, technical analysis, and treatment.

An effective collections care plan is composed of a series of related activities that build upon one another over the course of a defined period of time. Usually the first step in developing a collections care plan is the overall preservation assesment. This can include a whole series of factors, affecting collections care and thus the condition of a single artwork:

∙ procedures concerning the use of collections including

∙ procedures concerning loans

∙ environmental condition of storage and exhibition area

∙ security and emergancy preparedness


The initial evaluation should be followed by a conservation survey of the whole collection. Such surveys require a visit to the museum or collection to gather information. Condition reports, treatment proposals and estimates may be provided for key objects and objects of concern or the entire collections.


All steps are broken down into short-, intermediate-, and long-term recommendations depending on various priorities of the collection. The final product is a written report, which is accompanied by practical recommendations and supporting materials that can be used as the basis for developing plans, procedures, and policies for the long-term care and preservation of collections.

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