(adj.) brought back to life, reborn.

Our Practice

With over 30 years of experience conserving and restoring paintings and painted objects, we treat every painting to the highest standards with clear documentation, respect for the object’s history, and artistic integrity at the core of our work. The intent of the artist is contextualized in relation to both the physical properties of the artwork and the aesthetic requirements for optimal presentation.

The Studio

Our 300 m2  studio is located in the art depot facilities of Hizkia van Kralingen in The Hague, a building tailored to fine art storage and transportation which optimally equipped to receive artworks of all sizes, including large-scale works. The climate-controlled environment guarantees a stable temperature and ideal relative humidity for the artworks. At Studio Redivivus, our treatments are supported by an array of technical investigation and imaging apparatus which we use to explore, analyze and document an artwork's condition.


  • Examination and condition reports for exhibition, loan, travel, sales, and insurance.

  • Conservation and restoration treatment of traditional, modern, and contemporary paintings both in studio and on-site.

  • Emergency treatment for damaged artworks

  • Imaging with X-ray, Infrared, UV, and Hirox microscope 

  • Technical case studies and art historical research

  • Preventive measures to ensure continued stability

  • Storage, travel, and handling recommendations

  • Courier service for works in transit

  • Collection surveys and maintenance

  • Artist consultations and collaborations

  • Training and lectures on conservation issues


Studio redivivus

Wolga 16
2491 BJ Den Haag

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